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Re: Nice example of narrow chord pterosaur wing on the 'net

1. There is a beginning and and an end to the inboard wing membrane CM 11 426. 
The  part that is missing crosses the ventral rim of the torso. The edges at 
the end of the beginning and the beginning of the end point directly toward 
each other. There are two models of pterosaur wing membrane attachment out 
there, the one that attaches to mid thigh and all the others. This specimen 
supports the former.

2. I don't simply "dismiss" the other wing shapes. A paper was published that 
demonstrated how those wing shapes were based on misidentiications. No paper in 
the last eight years has put forth evidence to the contrary. Were there 
evidence to the contrary those who support the other side would have published 
(witness Hone & Benton 2007, 2008; Hone et al. 2009). Such a paper is heartily 
encouraged as it is better to figure this out in complete detail.

Best regards,

David Peters