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Re: Nice example of narrow chord pterosaur wing on the 'net

>> No paper in the last eight years has put forth evidence to the contrary. 
>> Were there evidence to the contrary those who support the other side would 
>> have published (witness Hone & Benton 2007, 2008; Hone et al. 2009). Such a 
>> paper is heartily encouraged as it is better to figure this out in complete 
>> detail.
> Well, there are: Wang et al. 2002; Lü 2002; Bakhurina and Unwin 2003; Frey et 
> al. 2003 and Bennett 2007.  That's a fair number in the last eight years.  
> There hasn't been as much debate over it as there once was, largely because 
> there is wide agreement for a generally narrow chord wing, with most of the 
> lasting disagreement centered around inboard attachment.  Since the 
> attachment, itself, has less overall functional effect than the general shape 
> of the wing as a whole, many researchers have calmed down a bit on the debate.
Just to be fair:

The first two preceded my publication, which was late in the year. Lü 2002 
discusses the presence of soft tissue, but connections were not mentioned. B & 
U 2003 reiterated their 1994 Sordes paper with application to Eudimorphodon for 
lack of evidence.  Frey et al. 2003 showed us the darkwing specimen, which 
actually shows the narrow chord wing (at the elbow), with some sort of soft 
tissue on the outboard of the tibia, sharply angled from the rest of the wide 
open wing.  And the 2007 paper, well, it said one thing and showed another. 

David Peters