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Re: "Vide" in genus authorities?

I wonder about the below myself. Butler et al. explain Charig's thesis at length, but in the end attribute the name *Hypselorhachis mirabilis* exclusively to themselves, because Charig simply didn't publish, meaning the name wasn't ever valid in his lifetime. Perhaps this is what _vide_ is good for, though Butler et al. don't use it.

Rescued from truncation:

Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2010 21:53:09 -0400
From: Brad McFeeters <archosauromorph2@hotmail.com>

 For a recent case of something like this, what is the correct
 nomenclatural citation of *Hypselorhachis mirabilis*?  "Charig vide
 Butler et al. 2009", or simply "Butler et al. 2009"?