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Re: Another example of narrow chord pterosaur wing on the 'net

>> Comes down to two pertinent replies. The rest is confusion: 
> Sigh.  What I'm saying is that the specimen is not clear - it does not 
> provide much useful information on the inboard wing.  I am arguing for 
> uncertainty, not a specific alternative.  I have provided possible wing 
> configurations in the past, and consider them plausible, but they are just a 
> few plausible attachments among many.  I have seen the specimen; I disagree 
> that it is clear or useful for answering the question of wing attachment.  
> Not sure what "counteracting evidence" you want - even the blurry photo you 
> provided indicates that the inboard wing is largely missing.

Not missing, per se, just over the torso.  Note the position of the elbow. If 
the fuselage fillet were inboard of that, as in the Vienna specimen, then 
you're already at midtorso. 

> That said, I do agree that the turn to the hind limb - wherever it turned to 
> - was probably quite sharp.  I expect this because the wing was narrow at 
> least to the elbow,

whoa, whoa,  if the wing was narrow to the elbow, then why are we arguing?