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Re: Seitaad: A New Sauropodomorph from the Navajo Sandstone

 "Seitaad  gen. nov Etymology. Séít‘áád (Diné/Navajo)

So, after the first click (*Nqwebasaurus*), we get the first ejective consonant in a (Mesozoic anyway) dinosaur name! :-)

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ejective_consonant -- very technical, but sound files at the bottom
http://hctv.humnet.ucla.edu/departments/linguistics/VowelsandConsonants/course/chapter11/navajo/navajo.html -- soundfiles, but without the spelling of the words; the phonemic transcription used is different http://www.phon.ucl.ac.uk/home/wells/blog0802b.htm -- the fifth blog post from the top on that page (I can't link to it directly) contains a YouTube video that explains the spelling system and a sound clip with [t'].