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Re: Flightless pterosaur question:

David Marjanovic  wrote:

> No, moa. Kiwi have tiny wings with one fully formed finger
> remaining... and that finger bears a large claw.

Apparently this varies among individual kiwis:


David Peters wrote:

> Witness the Kagu:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kagu
> "The wings are not reduced in size like some other flightless birds,
>  but they lack the musculature for flight."

Although incapable of flapping flight, the kagu (_Rhynchochetos jubatus_) is a 
superb glider.

"It lives in forest and scrub, and when threatened it moves fast on its 
chicken-like legs, running down mountain slopes and launching into a long and 
low graceful glide away from danger.  It is certainly the best glider of all 
the flightless birds."  From Roots, C. (2006) "Flightless Birds". 

The second-best glider among flightless birds is the kakapo (_Strigops 
habroptilus_), which uses its large wings to glide from trees to the ground.