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The Aussie ?tyrannosaur?


Benson, R.B.J., P.M. Barrett, T.H. Rich, & P. Vickers-Rich. 2010. A southern
tyrant reptile. Science 327: 1613 DOI: 10.1126/science.1187456

Just a 1 page report. A single pubis (only slightly larger than that of
Raptorrex) from Dinosaur Cove. If found in Asia or North America, I don't
think anyone would have a problem with considering it a tyrannosauroid close
to Tyrannosauridae + Appalachiosaurus + Alectrosaurus and the like (a name
for this clade is on its way, by the way... :-).

Because it is a single bone from a continent from which tyrants have never
been found, we do have to cautious about its possibly being something else
convergent on derived tyrants (it does have a large but narrow anterior
expansion of the pubic boot and a rugose region lateral to the pubic
tubercle flange). But it does look at first pass to be an Aussie tyrant.

And kudos to Benson et al. for resisting the temptation to name the

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