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Re: The Aussie ?tyrannosaur?

2010/3/26 Jocelyn Falconnet <j.falconnet@gmail.com>:
> Why not using "tyrant" ?
> The expressions "apex" or "top predator" have no social sense. Crown
> clades are widely used in paleontology and taxonomy in general but I
> don't think someone ever understood "crown" in a social meaning - even
> if it reminds me of the Scala Naturae and other romerogramms,
> instead...

True, the same name may apply to different things. However, I see many
differences between being a tyrant and an apex predator. My idea of a
tyrant is someone which tells the other what to do, and kills if not
obeyed, while an apex predator may hardly "order" and kill what does
not obbey, but kills for eating. Few real tyrants would eat what they
kill (there is Idi Amin, however...). suppose in the case of the crown
the reason is physical (e.g., crown in teeth, all things that go