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Re: The Aussie ?tyrannosaur?

>> Benson, R.B.J., P.M. Barrett, T.H. Rich, & P. Vickers-Rich. 2010.
>> A southern tyrant reptile.
> Why "reptile"?


 Because it was a reptile.

If you count *Tyrannosaurus* as a reptile, you also have to count *Tyrannus* as a reptile. More specifically, as a tyrant reptile -- and most of Tyrannidae and Tyranni as a whole is southern (having originated in South America).

Why not simply "a southern tyrannosaur"? That would even have been shorter, and is familiar to a lot _more_ people than the term "tyrant reptile" which I don't think I've ever seen before.

(...On another note, I just love to pretend that *Tyrannosaurus* was named after *Tyrannus*.)