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RE: The Aussie ?tyrannosaur?

David Marjanovic wrote:

< If you count *Tyrannosaurus* as a reptile, you also have to count
 *Tyrannus* as a reptile. More specifically, as a tyrant reptile -- and
 most of Tyrannidae and Tyranni as a whole is southern (having 
originated in South America).>

  I think I understand what you're trying to get at, but I think you need to 
see this in the strictest sense as applicable by some (most?) people, until you 
can (somehow) change the taxonomy.  Birds are members of Reptilia, and in this 
sense are derivatives called "reptiles," even though the semantic use of the 
term "reptile" as well as its historical and etymological uses are reserved for 
nonavian members of the Reptilia.  As long as Reptilia is used as a systematic 
label, the term "reptile" should apply to all members of that group, be it a 
rank or a clade (or both).


Jaime A. Headden

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