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Re: Dinosaur mass table online

GSP1954@aol.com <GSP1954@aol.com> wrote:
> Nonsense. Mamenchisaurs had unusually short legs for their long and 
> massive bodies, check out the unusually high k values for the
> femur. Brachiosaurs and even titanosaurs were longer legged despite 
> their fat bellies.

You may be right.  But how does an animal like _Mamenchisaurus_, in which the 
neck makes up at least half the total body length, and the torso less than a 
quarter, come to weigh more than a titanosaur of similar body length?

I don't doubt that _M. sinocanadorum_ was big.  Very big.  But I'm having 
trouble comprehending how it could weigh *more* (almost 50% more!) than either 
_Argentinosaurus_ or _Futalognkosaurus_.  75 tonnes for _M. sinocanadorum_ 
versus 50-55 tonnes for the two titanosaurs, when all three animals are 
estimated to have measured around 24-25m long.