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New Book of Interest: Kevin Andrews

"American Ikaros: The Search for Kevin Andrews" by Roger Jinkinson (2010)


>From the publisher's blurb: "...The search for Kevin Andrews covers half the 
>globe and contains a glittering array of characters including W H Auden, Louis 
>MacNeice, Dylan Thomas, Patrick Leigh Fermor, E E Cummings, Scofield Thayer, 
>Amelia Earhart, Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany and Queen Frederika of Greece. Kevin 
>was born in Peking in 1924. His mother, Yvette Borup, beautiful and spirited 
>was married at the time to the adventurer and explorer Roy Chapman Andrews, 
>reputed to be the model for Indiana Jones, but he is unlikely to have been 
>Kevin's father..."

Vincent L. Morgan

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