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Re: Kileskus and Proceratosauridae

 Article 13.1.1 states that names after 1930 must "be accompanied by a
 description or definition that states in words characters that are
 purported to differentiate the taxon," or follow the provisions of
 13.1.2 (refer to such a statement in another publication) or 13.1.3
 (be proposed as a replacement name). It seems to me that the
 cladistic analysis by Rauhut (2010) should furnish a suite of
 synapomorphies which would fit the bill.

Is there a list "in words"?

If it's in the supplementary information, does the latter count as published...? I think I'm opening a big can of worms here.

> In addition, the authors argue that when establishing this taxon,
> it is provided as a monophyletic clade, which Averianov et al claim
> as a tautology, as every clade is apparently monophyletic.

 Not "apparently", "by definition". A clade is a monophyletic taxon.
 The phrase "monophyletic clade" is redundant, like "round planet" or
 "positively-charged proton".

Indeed. This goes so far that the German word for "clade" is _Monophylum_.

The definition of "clade" is "an ancestor and all its descendants".

It's true that phylogenetic definitions of para- and even polyphyletic taxa are possible in phylogenetic nomenclature (though forbidden by the PhyloCode). But that doesn't make such taxa clades.