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RE: Kileskus and Proceratosauridae

Jaime Headden wrote-

> A.O. Averianov, S.A. Krasnolutskii and S.V. Ivantsov. 2010. A new basal 
> coelurosaur (Dinosauria: Theropoda) from the Middle Jurassic of Siberia. 
> _Proceedings of the Zoological Institute_ 314(1):42-57.
> Names *Kileskus aristotocus*, and argues a peculiarity: The name 
> Proceratosauridae Rauhut et al. 2010 does not satisfy ICZN Art 13.1.1, in 
> that a differential diagnosis was not provided. They thus argue that the name 
> Proceratosauridae is a nomen nudum, which they seek to correct by providing 
> one, under the heading Proceratosauridae fam. nov. In addition, the authors 
> argue that when establishing this taxon, it is provided as a monophyletic 
> clade, which Averianov et al claim as a tautology, as every clade is 
> apparently monophyletic. I can note now that the only reply to this is that 
> you can define a clade as a paraphyletic taxon, such that "clade" and 
> "monophyletic" are never synonymous in a cladistic sense, so this point seems 
> relatively unimportant. It also seems curious why there was not a need to 
> simply provide the differential diagnosis to an establish name, instead of 
> attempting to name a new taxon, but I'll leave that argument to people better 
> than me.

Luckily, we're all fresh from the Lewisichinae issue- 
 .  In this case, Rauhut et al. phylogenetically defined Proceratosauridae, 
which should certainly count as a "description or definition that states in 
words characters that are purported to differentiate the taxon."  There's 
nothing in the ICZN stating characters have to be morphological instead of 
Mickey Mortimer
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