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RE: Dinosaur-bird link on 30 Rock

Along the same lines...


Cretaceous Flying Lizard Named Aetodactylus Halli
By News Staff | April 27th 2010 12:00 AM | Print | E-mail | Track Comment

The fossilized jaw of a 95 million-year-old pterosaur discovered in Texas in 
2006 has been identified as a new genus and species of flying reptile - 
Aetodactylus halli.

The rare pterosaur — literally a winged lizard — is also one of the youngest 
members in the world of the family Ornithocheiridae, and only the second 
ornithocheirid ever documented in North America.

The newly-named lizard is described in the Journal of vertebrate Paleontology.


Not sure where this prescience comes from, but there it is.

David Peters
St. Louis