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Re: Definition of 'fish', & GSP is displeased ;-)

I forgot what exactly Säve-Söderbergh thought about the ancestry of amniotes. He considered them all fairly close relatives, but with a few anamniotic animals inside the clade...

Also, the influential von Huene used Reptiliomorpha for a paraphyletic group; he, too, rejected amniote monophyly.

(BTW, the new search engine is very promising!)

> And after all, things like hagfish and ratfish and lungfish lie
> outside the Actinopterygii.  So the word 'fish' is pretty
> entrenched in the English language for lots of
> non-actinopterygians.
> It's also entrenched for a number of non-vertebrates (eg.
> starfish).

 True; but 'starfish' is an exception that proves the rule.  Overall,
 the vast majority of names ending in 'fish' are, well, fishes (=
 non-tetrapod vertebrates).

Crayfish, silverfish, cuttlefish, jellyfish...