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RE: No substitute for seeing a specimen: Hone blog

> References?
> Experiments?
> Mike, with your "That's how it is" paradigm we would have no relativity, no 
> integrated baseball and the earth would be the center of a tiny universe only 
> a few thousand years old.
 and if we trace everything, we would have no great artworks.
> So let's test this paradigm!
> Besides the challenge itself,
 what challenge?  the "please don't reply to me" part?
> Dr. Hone's comments were not backed up by evidence. Just simple musings.
 it's a BLOG.
 musings are the whole point of blogs.
> And while he can say whatever he wants to say, we're all in this for the 
> evidence. As scientists reporting on science, we shouldn't be making 
> pronouncements that we can't back up. Right?
 in a publication, that's true.  but a blog is not a publication.

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