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RE: Glishades ericksoni, a new hadrosauroid from Montana

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> As Tom says, Euhadrosauria is available for the more 
> inclusive clade (called Hadrosauridae by Prieto-Marquez).  
> However, there is no reason why a clade that is defined to 
> include _Hadrosaurus_ could not simply be called 
> 'Hadrosauria'.  In other words, Hadrosauridae would be 
> re-named  Hadrosauria, which would inclde Saurolophidae.

In his disseratation, and presumably in the ZJLS paper, Albert has other
more inclusive plans for "Hadrosauria".

> Interestingly, Prieto-Marquez (2010) recovers _Lambeosaurus 
> laticaudus_ as the sister taxon to _Hypacrosaurus_; so the 
> new combination _Hypacrosaurus laticaudus_ may be in order 
> for the Mexican hadrosaur.

I noticed, and I like. There are many little interesting tidbits in his big
analysis, which I am awaiting in the later analysis.

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