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RE: Ceratops (was RE Glishades ericksoni, ...)

The argument is that you can't prove it's the same type of organism of 
*Ceratops montanus*. Thus, if its from the same horizon, same locality, shows 
the same essential features, you meet a reasonable level of certainty it is the 
same type of animal, although it's hard to prove it; if you find a similar 
specimen from a different horizon, different locality, etc, that certainty 
decreases. One could just as easily have a different taxon. Because of this, 
referal of that specimen to a "nomen dubium" becomes assailable by the above 
argument, and I can be tempted to just separate the good material on its own 
after the fact; nothing keeps that specimen attached to the name by the 
holotype except for perhaps historical qualities.


Jaime A. Headden
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> Subject: RE: Ceratops (was RE Glishades ericksoni, ...)
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>> Michael Mortimer wrote:
>> It is different because _Ceratops montanus_ is a nomen dubium, so the name 
>> is limited to the type specimen *only*. As a nomen dubium, no further 
>> material can be referred to _C. montanus_, and the type specimen for _C. 
>> montanus_ cannot be referred to another genus or species. This is the 
>> unhappy fate of a nomen dubium.
> So.....even if, early tomorrow morning, someone unearths a fossil identical 
> to the _Ceratops montanus_ type specimen, it doesn't matter?
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