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RE: Ceratops (was RE Glishades ericksoni, ...)

Just a brief comment:
Although actually is a nomen dubium, Ceratops montanus posseses postorbital 
horncores procurved, which is an apomorphic trait shared only with derived 
chasmosaurines, Albertaceratops and MOR 692. Basal chasmosaurines (Chasmosaurus 
spp. Agujaceratops), centrosaurines (the forthcoming WahWeap Taxon plus some 
other undescribed stuff), and basal ceratopsomorphs (Zuniceratops, 
Turanoceratops) have recurved postorbital horncores. Although the holotypic 
material is itself undiagnostic, it share a character otherwise found only in a 
subset of derived ceratopsids.


Lukas Panzarin