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Re: Flight capablities of Archie & Confucius? Not so good...

David Marjanovic <david.marjanovic@gmx.at> wrote:

> Archie? Apparently no trees higher than 3 m, unspectacular
> hands for a theropod, elevated first toes directed forward,
> and a gap between the rather rounded wing and the body.

Yes, you have to wonder what _Archaeopteryx_ was actually, you know... GOOD AT??

It couldn't fly very well (if at all).

It couldn't climb very well (if at all).

It couldn't perch very well (if at all).

It couldn't run very well - the hindlimb proportions were not highly cursorial.

I'm even doubtful if _Archaeopteryx_ was any good at catching prey.  Those big 
maniraptoran hands could only be used to catch large prey in a two-handed 
fashion, as deployed by _Velociraptor_ (for example).  Archie presumably 
targeted small prey - but maniraptoran hands were not much good for catching 
small prey, because the critters would slip through their long, stiff fingers.

So what business did _Archaeopteryx_ have evolving in the first place?  It's 
something I've been wondering about quite a lot...