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crocodile and theropod teeth

Hello all,

here is Thomas from Germany again (after some years of absence). ;-)

In a book of my son ("Supercroc" by Sereno), I found an interesting picture, and maybe you as specialists can help me with the following "problem": On one page, you could see a picture of a fossil crocodile jaw with teeth, which had the same blade-like, flat form and similar serrations as theropods like Allosaurus or Carcharodontosaurus. I knew that there had been some crocs out there with serrated teeth (some even found in middle-Europe), but these flat teeth on this pic really looked similar to let's say Allosaurid-teeth. I was wondering about that, because that could meen that many of the Theropod-Teeth out there could be rather crocodile-teeth... Do you know more about this crocodile-species, because genera, age and locality were not mentioned in the book?

Many thanks in advance for your help and please excuse my englisch.

Greetings form Germany