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AW: onehundred thousand euros a page

Original message:
>>I don't mean to sound the smart-a__, but wasn't that common knowledge?
>>AFAIK, they used their teeth to strip or cut leaves, then swallowed them 
>>their gizzard to grind it up. I would have told them that for free. :)

Indeed, that much was common knowledge. The press release
oversimplifed things a lot, and some resulting blog posts simplified
things even more. My DML post was intended to be a caricature of this.

In fact, it is (as the paper shows) a combination of primitive and
advanced charachters that allowed sauropod gigantism, with the
"swallow whole" feeding technique a key factor. It allowed the small
skull, which allowed the long neck, which allwoed the energy efficient
feeding of large amounts of biomass...... and so on.

And the overall number of papers from the entire 6 year effort
currently stands at 86 listed on the project web page
(www.sauropod-dinosaurs.uni-bonn.de), with some 15 more provisionally
accepted or inprint without being listed, and more to come.