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Re: Huge Theropod Database Update

 I added an entirely new section to the website- Evaluating
 Phylogenetic Analyses. This portion of the website is devoted to past
 phylogenetic analyses of theropods. Each page is devoted to a
 particular analysis and any published modifications it has been
 through, noting the general importance of the paper with citation. I
 then note which codings are inaccurate, re-run the analysis, check
 both the original and corrected versions against different
 topologies, and even try adding in interesting taxa.


I'm currently trying to get a publication out of _one_ such correction and reanalysis. The matrix had 333 parsimony-informative characters and 102 taxa when I started, so it's not even unusually large (though it is for its field, unfortunately).

Start publishing already!!!

I'm told Geodiversitas accepts long papers.