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Pterosaurs- Where's Plieninger's Campylognathus tooth?

I've just conducted a preliminary analysis on pterosaur dental microstructure 
to present at the Beijing meeting later this summer. The most available data 
was relatable to ornithocheirids, but obviously I want to test my conclusions 
accross the Pterosauria. In Plieninger's 1895 paper on Campylognathus he notes 
observations from thin sections he made of its teeth. This is of  historic 
interest only, but if the thin sections are still out there, currated into a 
collection they could still be of scientific use, does anyone know where they 
Equally if there any nice currators out there that have indet. pterosaur jaws 
with teeth in them, pulled teeth, or loose (relatable) teeth which could be 
sectioned for further studies please get in touch.