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Re: Flight capablities of Archie & Confucius? Not so good...

--- On Wed, 5/19/10, Tim Williams <tijawi@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Exactly.  Besides, many cycads (and extinct
> 'cycadeoids') are/were column-like and unbranched.  So
> adaptations that improved an animal's ability to grasp
> and/or perch would have been pointless.

The trunks on the local (non-native) Sago Palms remind me of Velcro, and I have 
seen rosettes (tops) that a small troop, er, flock, er, drove of Archies could 
have slept on w/out need for actual perching. So I think even roosting is 
physically possible...

Beer seems to help when trying to move from the "possible" stage to the 
"plausible" stage. }:D