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RE: Paronychodon/Richardoestesia

Unfortunately, I never had most of the papers that dealt with 
Campano-Maastrichtian tooth-based collections, but unless I am mistaken, this 
was in the original work describing *Richardoestesia gilmorei* [1].

[1] Currie, P. J., Rigby, J. K., Jr. & Sloan, R. E. 1993. Theropod teeth from 
the Judith River Formation of southern Alberta, Canada. p. 105-125. in 
Carpenter & Currie (eds.) _Dinosaur Systematics: Approaches and Perspectives_ 
(Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK).

*Paronychodon lacustrtis* is based on a tooth that is phenotypically classed: 
its "diagnostic" features are wear effects and lingual ridge presence, 
sometimes on the same tooth, and sometimes the former producing the latter. 
These teeth are likely to represent virtually every other taxon from the Hell 
Creek, Judith River, Dinosaur Park formations that have long, thin, narrow 
teeth in any part of the jaw (including troodontids, richardoestesians, 
velociraptorines, tyrannosaurids; and they may also pertain to nontheropodans 
as well).


Jaime A. Headden
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> Subject: Paronychodon/Richardoestesia
> Howdy diddly doo, neighbors!
> Sankey (2003), in a meeting abstract, noted in passing that theropod teeth 
> previously assigned to Paronychodon have been reassigned to Richardoestesia 
> isosceles.
> Who is the author (full citation, if possible) of this re-assignment?
> Dankedy-doo,
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