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PDFs of titanosaur papers request

Dear Listers,

As my last resort, I have decided to ask members of this list to supply me with 
these papers (if possible) as I am trying to do a bunch of  multi-view skeletal 
reconstructions of titanosaurs . Thanks for the help in advance!

Apesteguia, S. 2004. Bonitasaura salgadoi gen. et sp. nov.: A beaked sauropod 
from the Late Cretaceous of Patagonia. Naturwissenschaften 91(10): 493-497.

Bonaparte, J.F., 1999. Evolucion de las vertebras presacras en Sauropodomorpha. 
Ameghiniana 36(2): 115-187

--------------------.1999. An armored sauropod from the Aptian of Northern 
Patagonia, Argentina. In Y. Tomida, T. Rich, and P. Vickers-Rich (Eds.), 
Proceedings of the Second Gondwanan Dinosaur Symposium, 1-12. Tokyo: National 
Science Museum.

Bonaparte, J.F., B.J. Gonzalez Riga, and S. Apesteguia. 2006. Ligabuesaurus 
leanzai gen. et sp. nov. (Dinosauria, Sauropoda), a new titanosaur from the 
Lohan Cura Formation (Aptian, Lower Cretaceous) of Neuquen, Patagonia, 
Argentina. Cretaceous Research 27(3): 364-376.

Bonaparte, J.F., and R.A. Coria. 1993. Un nuevo y gigantesco sauropodo 
titanosaurio de la Formacion Limay (Albiano-Cenomaniano) de la Provincia del 
Neuquen, Argentina. Ameghiniana 30(3): 271-282.

Calvo, J.O., and J.F. Bonaparte. 1991. Andesaurus delgadoi gen. et sp. nov. 
(Saurischia-Sauropoda) dinosaurio Titanosauridae de la Formacion Rio Limay 
(Albiano-Cenomaniano), Neuquen, Argentina. Ameghiniana 28(3-4): 303-310.

Powell, J.E. 1992. Osteologia de Saltasaurus loricatus 
(Sauropoda-Titanosauridae) del Cretacico Superior del Noroeste argentino. In 
J.L. Sanz and A. D. Buscalioni (Eds.), Los Dinosaurios y su entorno biotico, 
4:165-230. Cuenca, Spain: Instituto Juan de Valdes.

----------------. 2003. Revision of South American titanosaurid dinosaurs: 
Palaeobiological, palaeobiogeographical and phylogenetic aspects. Records of 
the Queen Victoria Museu 111:1-173.

Salgado, L. 1993. Comments on Chubutisaurus insignis Del Corro (Saurischia, 
Sauropoda). Ameghiniana 30(3):265-270.

---------------. 1996. Pellegrinsaurus powelli nov. gen. et sp. (Sauropoda, 
Titanosauridae) from the Upper Cretaceous of lago Pelligrini, northwestern 
Patagonia, Argentina. Ameghiniana 33(4): 355-365.

Also, if there are any other papers anybody would be willing to send me that 
deal with titanosaurs (and preferably have illustrations of the preserved 
elements) that you would feel are useful (especially any dealing with dorsal 
rib articulations and configurations--assuming any exist--would be helpful), I 
would be happy to have those also. Thanks,