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RE: Another feather theory

As far as that list goes, I think quills like the porcupine has also meet all 
the criteria except the "fool a predator into thinking it has a mouthful of 
prey", though I've seen photos of dogs that got a mouthful of quills- much more 
effective predator deterrent.

That isn't to say that its not possible. An adaptation does not need to be "the 
best" adaptation there is, it merely needs to work better than what it had 

> > Feathers are perfect for defensive protection
> because:
> > 
> > - They are not living tissue.
> > 
> > - They are light weight (little energy needed
> > to carry them around).
> > 
> > - They are easily removed (less painful or
> debilitating).
> > 
> > - They are automatically replaced.
> > 
> > - They can grow big enough to fool a predator into
> thinking that it has a mouthful of prey.