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Re: New horned dinosaur from Montana

>> Directed at Daniel (and with regard to"Utahceratops gettyi"):
>> Thanks! I wondered if there might be some additional names
>> lurking somewhere in the new book. (That's where you spotted it, yes?)

I'm afraid the name is the only thing I have because the book where
_Medusaceratops_ & co. will be described is still unpublished. I
thought that "Utahceratops gettyi" is the "Nipple Butte skull" from
the Wahweap Formation (the same formation where _D. eatoni_ comes
from) and will be described in "New Basal Centrosaurine Ceratopsian
Skulls from the Wahweap Formation (Middle Campanian), Grand
Staircase—Escalante National Monument, Southern Utah" by Kirkland and
DeBlieux, but I'm not sure if I'm right because in contrast to
Diabloceratops, publication of "Utahceratops" hasn't been announced
(or at least *I* haven't heard of its description in the book).

Daniel Madzia
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