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Re: New horned dinosaur from Montana

The Cretaceous Cafe is proud to offer a new and expanded menu, now featuring:

* Deviled Diabloceratops eggs

* The Ruben: Delectable, thinly-sliced Rubeosaurus meat with sauerkraut and Swiss on rye * Tatankaceratops burger: the healthy alternative for weight-conscious tyrants, Tatankaceratops meat is far leaner than traditional ground ceratopsian meat

* Marinated Sinoceratops flank steak: soy souce, garlic and honey make for a mouthwatering combination
* Coahuilaceratops Chimichanga: deep fried to golden perfection!

* Irish Eyes: A pair of large Ojoceratops eggs over corned beef hash, served with choice of toast

I'll just do Mickey and Mary a favor and shut this all down myself, why don't I?

From the tyrant perspective:

More ceratopsian species = bigger menu.

Rob Taylor wrote:
It does seem like they're crawling out of the woodwork this week. If I'm
mistaken, that's eight new horned critters published in a span of just two
or three days. (That'd be Ajkaceratops, Coahuilaceratops, Diabloceratops,
Medusaceratops, Ojoceratops, Rubeosaurus, Sinoceratops, Tatankaceratops...
cripes, did I miss any?)

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