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Re: New horned dinosaur from Montana

Are there any references for Ojoceratops, Rubeosaurus and Tatankaceratops? They 
seem to have a negligible internet presence, and I have not heard of them being 
referenced anywhere. Even Wikipedia's "2010 in paleontology" article doesn't 
have an actual reference listed for these genera (or at least it didn't two 
minuted prior to writing this email).



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>From the tyrant perspective:

More ceratopsian species = bigger menu.

Rob Taylor wrote:
> It does seem like they're crawling out of the woodwork this week. If I'm
> not
> mistaken, that's eight new horned critters published in a span of just two
> or three days. (That'd be Ajkaceratops, Coahuilaceratops, Diabloceratops,
> Medusaceratops, Ojoceratops, Rubeosaurus, Sinoceratops, Tatankaceratops...
> cripes, did I miss any?)

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