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Re: New horned dinosaur from Montana

Rob Taylor <rjtaylor68@comcast.net> wrote:

> I do know that George O. typically will not post up the
> citations on the DGL until the works are officially in
> print, 

You'd think this would be the case, but no.  George Olshevsky deliberately 
jumped the gun, and posted the names *before* the official publication date.  
In his own words:

"Yesterday (May 28) was the official release date for the IU Press Horned
Dinosaurs book, and I used my insider knowledge as indexer to scoop the
entire Internet and post the new genera in the book at my Dinosaur Genera List 
website. Coincidentally, two more ceratopians were published within  a day of 
that release, giving a grand total of eight new ceratopian genera added  to the 
DGL in just two days. This new stuff helped to triple the normal number  of 
hits at my website for the past two days. The IU Press book also describes a  
new species of Archaeoceratops: A. yujingziensis. Not to mention a number of 
new ceratopians that remain unnamed and will be more fully described 
elsewhere.. Ya gotta get that book."

So you can credit the early release of these names to George's haste to promote 
his own website ("DGL"), and blow his own trumpet with regard to his "insider 
knowledge".  So bragging rights are in order for George, who succeeded in 
"scooping the entire Internet".