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Re: Looking for a picture

On Mon, 31 May 2010, Martin Baeker wrote:
Dear all,

for a talk I need a picture of a cretaceous mammal, preferredly
sitting at the foot of a dinosaur or so. This is just to illustrate to
people that mammals were mainly small and probably nocturnal during
the age of dinos.  I would be grateful if somebody could point to a
useful (free) picture - my net searches were not very successful so far.

Thanks a lot for any help,

Well, this isn't quite what you're looking, but might be useful all the

Ghost hunters: On the trail of a 'living fossil'
We are on our way to see if we can track down one of the most strange and ancient mammals in the world - the Hispaniolan solenodon.
The nocturnal solenodon, which is only found in the Dominican Republic and in one of the last forested patches of Haiti, is often described as a "living fossil", thanks to the fact that it has been around, virtually unchanged, for the past 76 million years.

Useful, I suppose, if you can believe that dating.

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