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Re: Science feather strength debate

Eric's hypothesis on the terrestrial gliders is nice, may it function
with moderate wind, even if the animal is not in the beach? May the
fact that the takeoff comes from the jump, instead of flapping, permit
these animals to get airborne? I was thinking on something which
surely someone else tought before, but can the big wing be also of use
just as coverage to avoid cooling? And not only for the eggs, but for
the sides of the body of the remige owner. I mean, the same of
pteryliae, which cover apteria (oh, pervasive adaptationism which
always invades the mind before preadaptation and non-adaptive
hypotheses). I think apparently speculative adaptive hypotheses that
wings formed by elongate arms and feathers were of thermodynamic or
sexual, or any other, use, may be put into test by investigating if
these uses of wings are actually primitive for Neornithes (if not, the
hypothesis turns to be less parsimonious than an alternative which
presupposes a state primitive for birds).