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Re: PBS's American Experience, upcoming episode on dinosaurs

On Fri, 29 Oct 2010, Michael Barton wrote:

From an email sent by American Experience, it shows that in January
they will have an episode in January called "Dinosaur Wars."

No info on their website itself, so this is just a heads up!


or     http://tinyurl.com/258rnw4

Listed as "in production"

In 1870, Americas untamed West was dry, sparsely vegetated, and constantly eroding. But beneath the surface lay a treasure unlike any in the world: the bones of countless prehistoric creatures. For the emerging field of American paleontology, this discovery offered an opportunity to piece together and explain nothing less than the history of life on Earth, and to prove Darwins hotly disputed theory of evolution. Dinosaur Wars is the story of two talented scientists, O. C. Marsh and Edward Cope, whose once professional rivalry soured into a bitter personal feud. Together, Marsh and Cope were responsible for identifying more than 142 different species and for introducing dinosaurs into the American imagination, but their legacy would be forever marred by two decades of ruthless infighting, espionage, and sabotage.