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RE: Running, bipedal? Re: Baby dinosaur tracks from Morrison

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> > In case this news story has not been mentioned yet:
> >
> > http://www.genengnews.com/industry-updates/morrison-
> > natural-history-museum-discovers-baby-sauropod-
> > tracks/98965127/
> >
> > Mentions tracks from baby apatosaurs with possible evidence 
> that baby 
> > sauropods sometimes ran on hindlimbs only.
> Link not found. However, a similar (might even be the same) 
> article is here:
> http://www.geosociety.org/news/pr/10-63.htm
> Morrison Natural History Museum Discovers Baby Sauropod 
> Tracks Tracks of a Running Bipedal Baby Brontosaur?

One VERY important issue (for which we will have to Wait For The Paper): are 
the pedal prints tracks, or are they undertracks? It
might well be that the little dino is running quadrupedally, but we are 
sampling layers under the actual muddy surface, which only
the pedal impression reached.

As has been shown by Manning (among many others), knowing if you are dealing 
with real tracks or undertracks can make a LOT of
difference in interpretation.

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