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Re: Well its not dinosaurian, but nevertheless ..............

The late alpinist and mountain/nature photographer Galen Rowell once wrote about an encounter he had with mountain goats. He was part of a team trying to climb a big mountain, I believe in Alaska or the Canadian Rockies, and high on the mountain they were faced with a very steep rock face that they could not negotiate. After a number of failed attempts they sat and contemplated the situation. While sitting on the ledge Rowell remarked that a mountain goat came up and with little effort nimbly hopped and jumped up and across the cliff face that had stymied them.

And all without an opposable thumb.....


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This is of such astounding neontological curiosity, that I pass it on as
members of this list would, I hope, find it of some interest.


Animals will go to astounding lengths (or heights!) to address mineral deficiancies. In Mt Elgon National Park in Kenya there are elephants that have been mining salt from caves quite possibly
for thousands of years.

Check out this recent mountain goat picture frmo the current nat geo issue (cover story on migrations)