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Anserimimus-like ornithomimid from Mongolia

From: Ben Creisler

In case this paper has not been mentioned yet:

Robert Bronowicz (2010)
New material of a derived ornithomimosaur from the Upper 
Cretaceous Nemegt Formation of Mongolia.
Acta Palaeontologica Polonica in press
available online 04 Nov 2010

New material of an ornithomimid from the Late Cretaceous 
deposits of Tsagan Khushu (Gobi Desert, Mongolia) is 
described. The material includes a partial axial 
skeleton, and hind and forelimb elements. The specimen is 
similar to Anserimimus planinychus from nearby Bugin Tsav 
(Gobi Desert, Mongolia) in having ventrally flat, long, 
almost straight manual unguals. The new specimen differs 
from A. planinychus in the length of the penultimate 
manual phalanx II-2, which is only slightly shorter than 
Ph III-3, in a considerably lesser alae of the manual 
unguals, and in the height/width ratio of the proximal 
articular surfaces. The material suggests presence of 
third, hitherto unknown ornithomimid from the Nemegt 

free pdf of manuscript: