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Re: New paper on pre-Archaeopteryx coelurosaurian dinosaurs

Mike Taylor <mike@indexdata.com> wrote:

> Oi!  Let's not forget our buddies Nemegtosaurus, Quaesitosaurus (if
> distinct) and Opisthocoelicaudia.

There's also _Sonidosaurus_, a fairly undersized titanosaur that
co-existed with _Gigantoraptor_.  Apparently, _Gigantoraptor_ used to
kick sand in _Sonidosaurus_'s face.  (This was not hard to do,
considering that they both lived in the Gobi desert.)

The radiation of coelurosaurs into herbivorous/omnivorous niches in
the later Cretaceous is intriguing.  It's not as though there was a
shortage of large herbivores at the time, with sauropodomorphs and
ornithischians already thick on the ground.  Something about
coelurosaurs made them very ecologically and (possibly)
physiologically versatile.  Maybe feathers gave them an edge?
(Although putative homologous structures are evident in
ornithischians, such as _Tianyulong_ and _Psittacosaurus_).