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Re: Science feather strength debate

 For smaller deinonychosaurs (including microraptorines) and basal
 birds, the lack of prehensile ability in the manus implied by the
 long stiff fingers is weird... because other features (broad wings;
 phalangeal proportions; longer and more distal hallux) suggest that
 these critters were at least partly arboreal.

The wings of *Microraptor* are remarkably narrow, much more so than Archie's. Probably the foot feathers took over some of that function, though. *Confuciusornis*, however, has long, narrow wings and no foot feathers. The phalangeal proportions of both (and Archie) indicate that these animals weren't cursorial, but hardly scansorial either; Archie and *C.* are right at the boundary between terrestrial and scansorial birds, *M.* is not above it either.

The scansoriopterygids look scansorial or arboreal.