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Re: Bolong yixianensis, Yixian iguanodontian

Rescued from truncation.


On 06.11.2010 15:59, Justin Tweet thescelosaurus@gmail.com wrote:

Noting that this doesn't seem to have been mentioned here, and acting on the
principle that every dinosaur shall have its day:

Wu Wen-hao, Pascal Godefroit, and Hu Dong-yu. 2010. Bolong yixianensis gen.
et sp. nov.: a new iguanodontoid dinosaur from the Yixian Formation of
western Liaoning, China. Geology and Resources 19(2):127-133.

"The sub-complete skeleton of a new basal iguanodontoid, Bolong yixianensis
gen. et sp. nov., was discovered in the Yixian Formation of Western Liaoning
Province, China. This new taxon is characterized by several cranial and
dental autapomorphies: a depressed area at the junction between maxilla and
lachrymal, the caudal ramus of prefrontal forming a rostrocaudally depressed
area above the orbital margin, the ventral process running caudally parallel
to the ventral margin of the predentary, the rostrodorsal articular surface
for the predentary occupying less than two-thirds of the height of the
dentary and the rostral tip of dentary therefore situated above the ventral
third of the bone, and the primary ridge deflected distally on maxillary
crowns. It differs from Jinzhousaurus, also from the Yixian Fm of Western
Liaoning by at least 14 cranial and dental characters, including the
not-down-turned rostral tip in its maxilla, bifurcate ventral process in
predentary, with several secondary ridges on maxillary teeth, etc. Bolong is
one of the most basal iguanodontoids ever discovered in Asia."

Addendum: unfortunately, I don't have a copy of the pdf.-Justin