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Lasik surgery affect prep work?

Hi all,
My boyfriend, Darren Tanke who is a technician at the Royal Tyrrell Museum in 
Drumheller, is considering getting Lasik surgery to correct his eyesight (so he 
no longer has to wear eyeglasses). We heard recently from someone who does 
detailed watch repair that they were told that if one does fine detail work 
they are better off not getting the surgery and keeping their glasses. He would 
like to know if anyone on here who does fossil preparation (including detailed 
close-up but not microscope work) or any other detailed work has had this 
surgery and how (if at all) it has affected their work. Please contact him 
off-list at dtanke@hotmail.com.

Patty Ralrick
Drumheller, AB, Canada

"Talking isn't something you can do judiciously unless you keep in practice." - 
Mr. Gutman (Sydney Greenstreet) in "Maltese Falcon"