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Re: Science feather strength debate

John Hunt <john.bass@ntlworld.com> wrote:

> You lot crack me up.  Here we have the first fossil with feathers and wings
> and we have had pages of debating whether it could fly.  Papers are
> published, which somebody put a lot of time and effort into, trying to prove
> it couldn't fly.


> IIRC it was John Ostrom that correctly identified some of these when he was
> doing the investigations that lead to a truly game changing publication, as
> opposed to the paper you have been debating so fiercely.

I can only echo David M. here; the point of your message is not
immediately obvious.  I also agree with everything else David said, so
I won't re-iterate it here.

I'll only add that in several papers published in the 1970's, John
Ostrom proposed that _Archaeopteryx_ could not fly.  He even stated
that the position of the glenoid prevented the humerus from being
raised above the shoulder.  I'm not sure if your statements are
alluding to these particular conclusions of Ostrom's, or to something
else.  Like I said, I'm not sure what your exact point was/is.