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Re: Science feather strength debate

Continuing with the hypotheses on the original use of the wings by
Archaeopteryx, Microraptor, and Anchiornis, in addition to gliding,
display, possible passive insulation, balance while fighting, running,
or walking on substrates where stability is more difficult to achieve,
tricking possibly biting prey items (and perhaps even predators or
mating rivals), I was today seeing a documentary with a hawk trying to
cool himself using its wings as fans (as for passive insulation, this
may also help thermorregulation of eggs). I am not very aware of the
aerodynamic physics involved, but it may have been a very useful too
for dinosaurs if there was an apterium medial to the wing. If the
protofeathers were only located dorsally and ventrally on the body, as
supported by some, this may make more sense.