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Re: Welcome, Zhuchengceratops!

2010/11/5 Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. <tholtz@umd.edu>:
> It is important to remember that nearly every general paleogeographic is 100% 
> WRONG about the Bering Sea region, in creating a
> non-existent separation between northeastern Asia and Alaska. Even today 
> there are no tectonic features separating these units, only
> a very shallow ephemeral strait. Geologically--and 
> paleogeographically--Siberia and Alaska are the same place.

Global aleogeographic maps are not so wrong: there is a connection in
the Late Cretaceous maps made by Scotese (those available on his
website, don't remember the year), Golonka (2000), or Vrielynck (2003)
- but curiously not in those made by Blakey (2007) before the Early
Eocene (50 Ma map).

And remember that many authors include maps without giving the
appropriate reference(s) so that you can see twenty/thirty years old
maps in recently published works... most of the time because the
paleogeography supports the results of the authors.

Jocelyn Falconnet