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Re: Attenboroughsaurus refs?

It was originally called _Plesiosaurus conybeari_, and referred to the
new genus _Attenborosaurus_ by Bakker (1993).

Bakker R. (1993). Plesiosaur extinction cycle-events that mark the
beginning, middle and the end of the Cretaceous. In: Calwell, W. and
Kauffman, E. (eds.). Evolution of the western interior basin.
Geological Association of Canada, Special Paper 39: 641–644.

The type specimen was a casualty of the Second World War, but casts exist.

One recent study (Gasparini [2009] Palaeontology 52: 661–669) found
_Attenborosaurus_ to be a non-pliosaurid pliosauroid.  It has a fairly
large head, but a long neck.




On Fri, Nov 12, 2010 at 4:02 PM, David Krentz <ddkrentz@charter.net> wrote:
>  I'm having a heck of a time finding good info on this plesiosaur.  I don't 
> even know if it IS a plesiosaur or a pliosaur.   I am specifically looking 
> for what this Early Jurassic marine reptile may have looked like.
> Can anyone help a brother out?
> D