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Re: Science feather strength debate

> I'm not wholly convinced that _Archaeopteryx_ lacked humeral feathers
> (= tertiaries or tertials).

As I presented at SVP in 2007 the tenth specimen actually demonstrates
that Archaeopteryx lacked tertials...specifically because it shows an
imprint by the humerus that clearly isn't a veined feather.  Whether
it represents  an inprint from the body, or could represent some sort
of extension of the soft "dinofuzz" material onto the arm it simply
isn't even close to a flight feather.  And because there is an
impression there, and moreover one made from a far more delicate sort
of soft tissue then the relatively stiff flight feathers, it's no
longer tenable to argue that it's some sort of trick of preservation.
Archaeopteryx lacked tertials.


Scott Hartman
Scientific Advisor/Technical Illustrator
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