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Re: Lots of my PDFs online

Maybe that's the full name of  "Mr. T"?  :-)


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Greg, are you actively TRYING to piss people off?  Because if you are,
then it's working.

Augusto's question was a perfectly reasonable one.  There is no
mention of anyone called "Robert T." on the page you linked to
(www.gspauldino.com), nor in the CV page that has the links to the
papers, nor that I could find elsewhere on your site.  A Google search
        site:gspauldino.com robert
shows seven instances of the name "robert", four of them in reference
to Bakker and one each for Bateman, Peary and Trotter.  I support
"Robert T." _could_ refer to Trotter, but since his appearance on your
site is only as the Editor of Science News in the masthead of a 1978
article, that seems a much less good guess than Bakker.

So: would it really have killed you to just answer Augusto's question?

-- Mike.

On 17 November 2010 14:04,  <GSP1954@aol.com> wrote:
> NO. Read the website credit before speculating online.
> In a message dated 11/16/10 5:51:34 PM, augustoharo@gmail.com writes:
> << Is that Robert T. you referred Bakker? >>
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