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Re: Lots of my PDFs online

Thanks Mike for the defense! As it seems to me, that my guess may have
been taken as offensive, I want to make clear that was not my
intention. Indeed the intention of my question was just wondering
about the possibility of finding some of Bakker's and Hunteria pdfs.

2010/11/17 Mike Taylor <mike@indexdata.com>:
> Greg, are you actively TRYING to piss people off?  Because if you are,
> then it's working.
> Augusto's question was a perfectly reasonable one.  There is no
> mention of anyone called "Robert T." on the page you linked to
> (www.gspauldino.com), nor in the CV page that has the links to the
> papers, nor that I could find elsewhere on your site.  A Google search
> for
>        site:gspauldino.com robert
> shows seven instances of the name "robert", four of them in reference
> to Bakker and one each for Bateman, Peary and Trotter.  I support
> "Robert T." _could_ refer to Trotter, but since his appearance on your
> site is only as the Editor of Science News in the masthead of a 1978
> article, that seems a much less good guess than Bakker.
> So: would it really have killed you to just answer Augusto's question?
> -- Mike.
> On 17 November 2010 14:04,  <GSP1954@aol.com> wrote:
>> NO. Read the website credit before speculating online.
>> In a message dated 11/16/10 5:51:34 PM, augustoharo@gmail.com writes:
>> << Is that Robert T. you referred Bakker? >>
>> </HTML>